A few days before the start of the Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha rolled out a number of two-wheeled concepts of both the electric- and gasoline-powered kind. First, the PES1 is a 90kg road bike that sports a mid-mounted battery pack, brushless DC motor and is sure to weigh in at less than a number of its riders. It also has the ability to go from fully automatic to manual transmission with the flip of a toggle switch which is pretty cool.

This is a concept, of course, so there's no indication of range or how much the slim down will impact those Sunday rides. The outfit also unveiled the PED1: the off-road sibling of the PES1 with similar internals. So similar in fact that Yahama says that you'll be able to swap batteries between the two should you opt for both the on-road and dirt-bound versions (if and when they are ever available).

Naturally, there's no word on pricing just yet, but you can rest assured that we're keeping an eye out for more on this trio. For a look at the PED1 and PES1 check the full story link below: