E Street Band guitarist and Sopranos star Steve Van Zandt recently tweeted that England had become a 'police state'. Well if this BBC article is to be believed then it is well on the way to being a nanny state at any rate.

Yes it seems that the Department for Transport is eyeing up the cutting of 60mph speed limits on rural roads down to 40mph. I don't know about you but I think that one of motorcycling's greatest pleasures is riding the perfect line round a sweeping bend on an isolated rural road right at the legal speed limit. Like me I bet you're imagining the last corner you pulled this off at. I'll also bet that imaginary corner doesn't have quite the same spine tingling pleasure if you're taking it 20mph slower.

60mph speed limits are not dangerous. The danger comes from drivers and riders who misjudge conditions and try and always hit the speed limit no matter what. If the road is wet I wouldn't contemplate taking corners anywhere near as fast as I do in the dry. Perhaps the government should take a leaf out of France's book (one of the few times I'll make such a suggestion) and instead of relentlessly hacking all speed limits consider introducing a wet and dry speed limit like on French AutoRoutes. 60mph in the dry and 40mph in the wet? Sounds much more sensible to me.