Morning everyone!

No one news story in the world of motorcycling jumped out at us this week, so we thought we’d cover a selection of stories that piqued out interest!

I Superbiker 2012 had its UK premiere yesterday night and if the trailer is anything to go by it looks a cracker:

The film will be in cinemas nationwide from mid-March. You can find out where you can catch it by visiting the I Superbiker site here:

The Toyota i-Road was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week which is Toyota’s latest attempt at filling the gap that exists between motorbikes and cars. It looks very futuristic and employs some extremely clever leaning technology that makes it handle like a motorbike whilst benefiting from the stability of having 3 wheels. Naturally, being futuristic, it’s powered by an electric motor. The concept model had a range of 30 miles if driven at a steady 18mph. This is a very limited range and speed so until these numbers go up we can’t see this idea being a big hit with commuters.

The Toyota i-Road

One thing that did cross our minds though was where the inspiration for the i-Road came from? Top Gear anyone?!

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson driving a Toyota i-Road look-a-like

And finally, talk about a lucky escape! After executing some very dubious lane discipline this moped rider in India lives to tell the tale. Cheating death doesn’t seem to have bothered her, instead she seems intent on giving the truck diver a piece of her mind!

Enjoy your weekends!