I hadn't even heard of BT sport until recently but it seems that it's about to take over my life in many different ways. Not only has it bought up Premiership Rugby highlights, and some football that I don't care about, but now rumours are circulating that MotoGP will head over to where the new money is too.

According to various online sources BT Sport is poised to snatch the rights to MotoGP from the BBC for £8m after the BBC’s five-year deal expires this year.

The length of BT’s MotoGP deal is not yet known as terms are still being finalised, but BT Sport is already planning its coverage apparently. There is also talk that it will aim to supercharge its coverage using similar techniques that Sky has adopted for its Formula 1 broadcasts.

So what does this mean for us? Well the most obvious change sounds like we would need to sign up to BT vision to get our MotoGP fix, or potentially get access some other way over the internet or Sky, but either way I think we should expect to pay money on a monthly basis and be forced to watch adverts for something we've been used to getting for free....Great

On the plus side there's also rumours that the footage will be spiced up a little with all this new money, including possible multi-camera options, such as rider point of view footage. And I see that ex-F1 presenter Jake Humphries has moved over to BT so we can probably expect to see his face on the programming too.

In many ways it's not surprising to see MotoGP head the same way as the other big sports, but in this instance it's not entirely clear whether it has a big enough fan base to survive a move from a top readily-accessable free view channel to a much more niche pay-per-view channel without losing most of the audiences and stifling the sports fairly successful recent growth. Doesn't sound great to me anyway.