Now this is a pretty interesting invention. The advert for them is great, and they tread such a fine line between kitsch and actually quite cool I just had to share them. The wheels, after more than a slight update for western tastes, could actually provide a safety feature while also looking pretty awesome.

By carefully timing the rate at which the LEDs contained within the spokes of the wheel change colour these Thai guys have effectively turned motorcycle wheels in to a TV, with each rotation of the wheel being a refresh. The only catch I can see is that with the bigger wheel of a motorcycle my crude maths says that you would get a slightly jerky 7 frames per second at 30mph and would have to be going at 90 before you get a decent 20 frames per second refresh. To rival a TV you would therefore have to be approaching 120mph! Anyway that's besides the point, you're probably not after that sort of thing when you're rocking wheels like these.

Check out below for picture and the hilarious promo video posted by the creators. I can't wait for these to come to the UK!