The time bending star better known as Ted Theodore Logan Esq. has recently announced he will be starting up his own motorcycle company. 'I'm a guy that loves everything about motorcycles - the sounds, the style and the aesthetic combined with the function but most of all the riding experience. I've enjoyed motorcycles for as long as I can remember and I'm ready to share my passion with the world.' Are the reassuringly pretentious words that came out of him.

He's teamed up with a bloke from LA County Choprods, a custom bike manufacturer similar to the pretty entertaining Orange County Choppers programme in order to create a slightly bizarre hybrid of sports bikes and all-American full-fat cruiser under the name of Arch Motorcycle Company. Though judging by the picture below I wonder if the cornering of these things is going to be good enough to work well enough to see any appear over here in Europe?

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey