Sacrebleu! It turns out that protests do sometimes work. At least they do for the French anyway, having refined the art of striking and protesting to levels us Brits could never manage

It seems the the French authorities have waved their well-used white flag again and announced permanent scrapping of plans to force all bikers riding a machine larger than 125cc to wear reflective clothing. Under the proposals, bikers not wearing the appropriate reflective clothing would have been liable to a 68 Euros fine and two points on their licence.

The news comes after a series of (often semi-naked) demonstrations organised by the French Federation of Angry Bikers which claims that up to 100,000 riders were involved in national demonstrations. With this battle won, the Angry Bikers are now seeking to make traffic filtering legal in France.

Great news for us lot anyway as hopefully this will stop any equivalent ideas crossing the channel. Though having said that, voluntarily wearing bright clothing in bad and dingy weather is a superb idea and there's no better product to meet your needs than our Verso Vest.