Do you ride an FZR600? Do you find that it just isn't dangerous enough for your thrill-seeking adrenaline pumped lifestyle? If so then you must be the crazy nutter who came up with this alternative use for the venerable 99bhp engine and turned it in to a helicopter.

In some ways this is actually a pretty neat solution for getting some more top-end speed out of your FZR600. Those things used to claim about 140mph which although not bad, is not a touch on the speed this thing will hit as it plummets out of the sky. Luckily it's not quite as dangerous as it looks however as it's been fitted with seat belts for that extra layer of safety should the worst happen

According to it has just been sold on eBay for £4,750 so if you fancy your chances of defying gravity on a budget you're now going to have to build your own one.