October's UK bike registrations are just out!

  • 1,136 Honda
  • 642 Yamaha
  • 462 Piaggio
  • 442 Triumph
  • 338 Lexmoto
  • 294 Harley-Davidson
  • 278 Kawasaki
  • 245 Peugeot
  • 215 BMW
  • 211 KTM

So where's Suzuki? It seems their failure to grasp the small bike market and their slightly uninspiring larger bike offering which all feature massive oversized exhausts isn't getting them many new customers. On top of that, they've now just had to close their only European factory in Spain, having just announce another record round of losses.

Not sure about everyone else but I for one would be really sad to see them leave the motorcycle market. My first bike was a Bandit and I loved almost every bit of it. Apart from the amazing ability to rust. I still also long to own a GSXR too one day, though as with the rest of the UK it seems, just not right now.