Multi-coloured, bright patterned designs could soon be available to us motorcyclists. The offerings in the photos published by Bridgestone look pretty good but if you've got a creative side then apparently customer supplied designs or even photographs could be printed on tyre sidewalls.

A photo of Bridgestone's tyre printing technology

Previously when constructing tyres, white rubber has always been used on the sidewalls to manufacture white ribbon and white letter tyres. This process requires the use of large amounts of white rubber to prevent discolouration and to also maintain a high standard of durability. The conventional manufacturing process can also add additional weight to the tyre. Bridgestone’s advanced tyre printing technology consists of:

  • A base layer to protect from discolouration
  • Special inks developed just for this technology
  • A layer to protect from external damages to the tyre surface

No word on pricing or availability yet but apparently Bridgestone "plans to quickly bring this tyre printing technology to market and will continue to explore opportunities associated with this new tyre printing technology", so hopefully it's on it's way to us soon. Until then it's time to start thinking creative design thoughts...